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Tantra for Adults:


Tantra practitioners seek to master our miraculous yet natural abilities to

move energy through meditations, breath work, movement, positioning and

sound.  In doing so, practitioners become masterful lovers with larger

capacity and skills for creating a life filled with love, intimacy and compassion,

as well as massive pleasure.


The key to Tantra is to fully connect your emotional and spiritual self to the

physical aspects of your body.  You can read about it in a book or talk about

it with someone.  When you physically practice and embed the techniques

into your body through repetition with the intention to unite your spiritual,

emotional and physical energies in a conscious loving manner, then you

begin to understand the Tantra way.  This practice will connect you first to

yourself and then to others in your life.  Learning to love yourself is the first step in manifesting

more love in your life.  Self-love opens the window to your heart and allows your world to see

and feel your love.  As you move forward your love will attract love.


These classes are offered via a Meetup Group.  Please check the scheduled meetups for the next class.


Contact me to join a class or book a private session to gain wisdom, specific strategies, inspiration and support.

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