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Group Sessions:


Is the class interactive and will I be asked to touch or be touched

by someone else?

Yes and maybe.  I celebrate all sexual identities (SLGBTQ) and

consensual forms of sexual expression, but if you are homophobic

or bi-phobic this is not the right place for you.  I make an effort and

cannot guarantee that the course will be gender balanced and you

may be asked to eye-gaze and touch members of the same sex. 

Of course, all of the teachings are optional and it is your responsibility to express your boundaries and to respect the boundaries of others.  Please keep in mind this is a sex positive space where homoerotic play is accepted!  There is no required nudity and inappropriate behavior will result in immediate removal from the class with no refund.  No exception!


                                                 Please check the Meetup Calendar for the class schedule and details.


                                                 This Meetup is to bring people together to explore and discuss Tantra,                                                      Relationships and Intimacy in a safe, accepting and nonjudgmental                                                            environment.Tantra is an ancient Hindu practice of learned skills to

                                                 increase the energy of love and consciousness, to heal and enhance

                                                 relationship through improved communication and sensate practice.





The most common problems Tantra, Relationship and Intimacy practices can assist with are:


•   When you or your relationships are emotionally, spiritually or sexually deprived.

•   When desire has waned or is imbalanced between you and your partner.

•   When your arguments aren’t productive.

•   When you intuit that there’s something significant that needs healing but you don’t know where to


•   When you feel broken or that it just doesn’t work.

•   When you’re simply curious about Tantra and know your relationship with yourself and others can

    be deeper and even more loving.

•   When you want to feel as much joy and pleasure as you can.


Intimate fulfilling relationships require vulnerability, honesty, compassion, acceptance and gratitude, without judgment.


These are relationship skills that are learned and require practice. Going beyond the interpersonal communication skills requires even more training and education.


Tantra is a method of developing a complete skill set (body, mind and spirit) to achieve a high level of communication and intimacy, and maximum pleasure with you or a beloved. And most importantly, it’s fun!


Each Meetup will focus on different skills that participants can practice and take away to use in their lives. Participants will discuss and learn energetic exercises to protect you and others, communication practices for relationship and intimacy, education about your body, how sexual energy is created and shared, yoga and breath techniques to improve the flow of energy, massage and modalities of touch, and many other topics.


Please check the Meetup Calendar for the class schedule and details.



Contact me to join a class or book a private session to gain wisdom, specific strategies, inspiration and support.

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