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Tantra for Teens:



As an Advanced Certified Tantra Educator (and parent) I am

convinced that our children are in need of relationship and intimacy

coaching and education.  The public and private school systems fall

short in preparing the next generation with a complete set of life skills. 


How to communicate in an intimate relationship takes a different skill

set that most parents do not, cannot, or will not model for their children. 


This is the education you wish your cousins, big brother or sister, or

auntie or uncle could give you in a safe, accepting and non-judgmental



Sexuality is thrust in the face of our culture continuously by the media,

yet we aren’t encouraged to talk about it.  Forget talking about it, how

about learning about it in a classroom environment?  Almost all of our

sex education is introduced and completed in the fifth grade of

elementary school.  The fifth grade!  And that’s usually the end of it. 

Mere children are asked to understand sex and their own sexuality

without the slightest instruction on how to actually have a relationship,

express love, compassion, intimacy, empathy, have sex or treat a lover. 


Our relationships and intimacy are a huge portion of who we are as humans.  It affects us (negatively in many cases) and our outlook on life, in our relationships, in our work place and social circles.  I believe the more fulfilled we are as sexual beings the more fulfilled we are as human beings.


Classes for teens can be organized for groups or individuals.  At least one parent must accompany each teen under the age of 18 to the class. 

Part 1 - Interview with my daughter talking about communication.

Part 2 - Interview with

my daughter.

Contact me to join a

class or book a private session to gain wisdom, specific strategies, inspiration and support.

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