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Healing and Rejuvenation


Many women describe their sexuality as broken, or it doesn’t work. 

Let me assure you, you’re not broken.  You just haven’t received the education and resources about your body or the skill set to help you get what you want and need. 


Many women suffer from trauma that can range from shame, to physical injury due to accident, abuse, rape, illness or surgery.  Sexuality is important.  It’s about discovery, curiosity, developing who you are, creativity and pleasure. 


Learn to be guided by your internal desires, to love and understand your body, respect your sexuality and express yourself from your internal core.  Regaining your sexuality can be a significant challenge and trusting others an even greater challenge.


One of the biggest honors I can have is to assist a woman to heal sexually.  The healing process can begin as simple as learning to be present with a man.  To be in the presence of a man and only talk, to be witnessed and heard, hold hands, or to be held and nurtured, can be a healing experience and the beginning of the rejuvenating process.  Going deeper can uncover emotional and energetic blocks that inhibit a woman’s ability to feel sensation.  Discovering these blocked areas can free them allowing more pleasure to emerge.


Other reasons for healing can include wanting connection or regaining sexuality subsequent to divorce or separation and re-entering the dating world.  Knowledge is power.  Owning your power helps keep you safe and secure.  Safety and security allow you to feel deeply into your body and incorporate the natural wisdom of your femininity so you can experience the pleasure you deserve, which is your birthright.


Contact me to join a class or book a private session to gain wisdom, specific strategies, inspiration and support.













Worshipping the Goddess


I’m a man on a mission to provide the ultimate, masculine presence for women. Allow yourself to be seen and your body to unwind as you enter a safe temple space, with candle lights dancing, soft sensuous music playing, aromas soothing

your senses and tropical flowers delighting your eyes. 


Then imagine how good it will feel to be worshipped and

admired, with no thoughts or distractions to interfere with

your experience, and a powerful energetic presence 

gently stimulating your body.  You have nothing to do except receive the loving, healing energy and be nurtured by the

presence of an Advanced Tantra Educator. 



Honoring the Masculine


Ladies, do you want to learn how to open your man’s heart and awaken him to entirely new dimensions of his emotional, spiritual and pleasure thresholds?  I can teach you with your man (or I can serve as a surrogate) to build his and your confidence, heal past traumas and improve your communication skills.  You will become the Goddess of his desire and him the Hero of your world. 



As we begin each session, we will establish and set intentions,

discuss boundaries, fears and desires. 


Intention = the thing that you plan to do or achieve: an aim or purpose.

Boundaries = limits that define acceptable behavior.

Fears = to be afraid of something or someone.

Desires = to want or wish for something.


My standard boundaries are no mouth-to-mouth kissing and no sexual/oral intercourse.  I will always remain partially clothed, with shorts, briefs or other coverings from the waist down. 


The one exception to this is if I am serving as a surrogate for teaching lessons on honoring the masculine.  In this case, the student will remain clothed.  The work I do is not about me receiving from others.  When a student feels the need to express energy by giving to me, I will redirect that energy back to the student. 


Contact me to join a class or book a private session to gain wisdom, specific strategies, inspiration and support.

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