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Paul "Lito" McCurdy

I have been practicing tantra since 2004.  Because of the value tantra provided me in my relationships, I decided to formalize my practice of tantra yoga by becoming an Elite Certified Tantra Educator - Source Tantra Yoga  I continue to study tantra, human energy, somatic experiencing, massage, non-violent communication, emotional intelligence and integrate components of all of these disciplines into my practice.

Judith Shivani Davis


Judith Shivani Davis maintains a private practice on Maui, with visits to Colorado, Boston, and California as requested, using Massage, Rolfing, Intimacy Skill Building and Sacred Sexual Healing as many of her vast specialties. Judith is Founder of The Center for Awakened Loving, which provides personal Tantric coaching and seminars for couples, singles, and groups.

Sandra Gonzalez


Tantra Educator - Holistic Wellness Consultant

Sandra is a natural born medical intuitive, a Tantra Educator – Source School Tantra Yoga, Kinesiologist, and Health Consultant expert. A former Fulbright Scholar who has developed her own transformational healing system over 25 years. 


She is one of the world’s most dedicated spiritual practitioners and renowned for her compassion, popular meditations, inspirational talks, workshops, sacred world journeys and deep shifting healing sessions

Hannah Idalia

Hannah Idalia, LMFT is a somatic psychotherapist, advanced certified tantra educator, energy healer, and spiritual guide, specializing in proven body/mind/spirit methods that lead to deep and lasting transformation.  

Since 1997, Hannah has mentored, coached, and consulted with thousands of people in many areas of life including relationships, health, business, and sexuality.  

Hannah's gentle, yet powerful and wise presence creates an environment of warmth and safety and this allows individuals to access deep parts of themselves that may have been hidden or cut off, thus getting to the root where creativity and vitality lives. 

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