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"Lito's Beginner's Tantra Class is a great way to step into deeper

connections in a fun atmosphere.  Lito creates a playful & safe

space for all his students.  Whether you are experiencing the class

with your partner or solo, you will find yourself exploring new

aspects of yourself in a welcoming class setting.  I highly

recommend this class to anyone open to more play & creative

connection in their lives."  - Letta


"I have received more than 25 sexual healing sessions and these two last sessions with Paul, I have to admit, that they are the best ones I’ve ever had.  I know that it ‘s not only for him.  I’ve been doing a lot of personal growth all my life and that helps me to be able to surrender, to open my heart, to feel my body and to create easy connections with myself, and with him because I feel well with my self.


I am a teacher of tantra and I highly recommend experiencing at least one session with Paul.  As a woman it is important to connect with our own sexual energy, our yin, yang and to open to the possibility of receiving without having to give anything in return, to awaken our creative energy and increase our strength, our personal power.


During my first session with Paul I was able to connect with the playful woman I am, with passion, with freedom of expression, with joy and pleasure. It was incredibly juicy to be able to ask for what I needed and let my body feel without judgment or thoughts. Paul was present in every moment, not only physically, but also emotionally and energetically and was fully involved in my emotional processes from a place of love, respect and compassion.  It was very easy to get carried away, ask for what I needed and feel like a goddess at all times.


And the best is that he reaches some points that my partner couldn’t.  What I want to say about this is that you don’t need to be single to need and experience these kinds of sessions.  You can have a beloved partner and still do it. Our partner doesn’t have to be perfect in all aspects; he doesn’t have to provide  everything we need. My partner and I have a really good relationship (monogamy), but it doesn’t mean he can help me to awake, to heal all my being every time I need.  Sometimes it is good to have someone else to help you to increase your energy, your desire, or to open to your inner truth.  And it doesn’t mean that you are doing anything bad or betraying anyone for doing this. What I experienced was that after the session I was more connected to the love energy, to ecstasy and thereby once I was with my partner I felt more free, grounded and open to share and connect with my lover. 


In the second session I hit not only a high with pleasure but connected with the male presence.  Often in my past life the male energy has been absent.  I felt that at the end of the session, through my own openness and the energy of Paul as a channel, I could integrate the love that I had missed through my father, feeling through Paul’s loving gaze, strength and sensitivity, some wound deep inside me, I was scared.  I wept and was honored to be living and healing these wounds so far, although I’ve worked at these wounds from other perspectives, feeling that now really integrated into my being.  To then feel like I have rarely felt before in my life, the strength of unconditional love and born sprouting like a torrent of water, an inexhaustible source that flows from my heart.


I learned that a man could help me in any way, that love doesn’t have barriers and the ecstasy is infinite…. I could see in Paul’s presence as a protector, as the magician, as the father, as the healer, as the lover, as my best friend."


A. C. - S'Agaro, Spain



"I had the pleasure of having a healing session with Lito.  He is an amazing man with healing, nurturing, loving energy.  He made me feel totally at ease while doing this intimate healing work. Because of my session and time spent with Lito I have more confidence. He made me feel beautifully seen and appreciated.  He is a man of depth and compassion with the capacity to meet you where you are at and hold safe space for you to heal.  I hope to have more time with Lito in the future."  


B.E.H. - Montana, USA.



"Lito's class was inspiring for us.  We learned techniques to increase

and  expand our capacity to share and exchange the energy of our

love.  Lito  commands the classroom warmly and safely, providing

participants a secure environment to share intimate subjects with

confidence.  He accepts all points of view, has compassion for

challenges anyone may have, and most importantly, does not judge

anyone or anything that emerges during the class. Do yourself and

your beloved a favor and take a class." 

Helena Summer -



"I recently had a couples session with Paul and deeply appreciated his presence and support. Paul brings a form of masculine connection that ensures confidence in its sincerity and intention to provide a strong and compassionate foundation where I could be in my process in an authentic way.  He generously held space for my beloved and I; it was profound in its subtleness. I highly recommend him for any personal work you’re desiring assistance in."


Wil from California

"I am a man of 28 years and before the workshop Hombres de Fuego I was thinking, if only I could be multi-orgasmic.  I had my doubts.  And after the workshop, it is possible.

My culture, pornography and the church taught me that sex is bad and shamed me for it in many ways.  Culturally, I felt I needed to make a long list of conquests to prove I was macho, or used sex as a stress reléase, performing as quickly as posible to achieve the goal I sought and thought would serve me.

All my doubts were resolved with the words and great wisdom Paul offered, the teacher of the workshop.  I could tell Paul knew this material by his energy and his practices that he taught us to embody.  In addition to the multi-orgasmic elements, Paul taught us about the characteristics of a healthy man.  The most beautiful moments of the workshop were the sharing where men shared their vulnerabilities,  A real man shows vulnerbility, cries, loves from the heart, listens compassinately, is present, has high self-sesteem, maintains good boundaries and leads a balanced life.

I highly recommend you attend Hombres de Fuego and learn what a real man feels like.  You will feel like a virgin getting to know yourself."

H. F. - Barcelona, Spain


"The workshop Men of Fire is an amazing experience that all men should experience to learn the true meaning of being "real men ". Thanks to Paul, we met with our true and pure masculine energy and the rest of men, to realize how much we have in common.  We are all one and that we need not compete with each other because we are the same, with the same fears, emotions, feelings, experiences, conflicts, needs, feelings and desires.

It taught me to open my heart to myself and to the rest of the men, in an atmosphere of respect and trust, which taught me that I should not be afraid of being judged, nor should I judge others.  We are Shivas, gods loving, able to feel that love and share it naturally.  Without that experience I felt less of a man or less masculine.  But with the experience I’m more of a man and more powerful than this society Paul has shown us and taught us.  I understand now where my true power resides, banishing violence and so much negativity around me.

One way to reconnect with our true masculinity, with that energy that exists but nobody has taught us and is not reinforced, of which we had no model to follow, Paul showed me how to bring both my feminine and masculine energy, which is so necessary to live in balance.  I can now feel that when I meet other men, rather than stopping or turning away, rather than competing with them, instead of putting myself down or judging, after the workshop I have the experience that reinforces myself, my masculine values, my sensitivity, my strength, my power, and my responsibility as a conscious man.

In addition, I discovered elements that make me whole, my feminine energy and what my real relationship with her is, and with women, how they feel about men and how men feel about them.  I found out how much unites us if we can live from the heart and break the stigma created by this society to divide us.

Hombres de Fuego is a joy workshop that ends in a magical ritual.  It was very exciting and I feel now that I have already become a Man of Fire."

S. S. - Madrid, Spain

You will never know the blessing and gifts I received from being a witness to you and how you live within the world as a conscious man.  The brief time I spent with you changed the lens through which I see the world.  It was inspiring to witness how disciplined you are.  It seems that your disciple is consciousness.  Living Consciously. 


While in the receiving position, I am unaware of how to connect the space between my physical body and my spiritual/energetic body.  I recognize that my 2nd chakra is over stimulated.  I am scared to death of myself out of the safety of my monogamous marriage with my over-stimulated 2nd chakra and had no idea what/how to create safe and healthy boundaries for myself.  This is what you modeled for me - the discipline to make your life an offering to consciousness.  I am hopeful that this will hold me steady as I step through the threshold of Conscious Loving and come to wholeness within myself.  


I am deeply grateful to you for your guidance, support and wisdom you have so generously given.


CK, Missouri

Working with Lito for a weekend was one of the best decisions of my life. I was able to go deeper than I thought into healing parts of myself that had become disconnected in a past primary relationship. I didn't imagine how much more connected to everything I would feel. At one point, my vibration was so high I couldn't tell where it was coming from. Because Lito was able to hold space for him and me, there was a lot of freedom to explore. Thankfully, a barrier to the most pleasurable parts of myself melted away.


I found some sexual energies and spaces on my own without being told directly. Lito led by allowing and letting me find my way, which for me is very intuitive and then inquisitive. Because he is so relaxed sexually, I found myself unwinding from old patterns of self-consciousness.


We entered a sacred space with nothing between the creative energy unfolding and us.


Where I’m at now … I’m hoping to continue my Tantric exploration and bring it into my healing meditation, yoga, and massage practices with yet another blessed being.  And I would definitely work with Paul again when time permits to enhance that experience.


ED, California


Paul introduced me to the world of Tantra.

I knew for about two years that I would like to get to know more about Tantra.  But there were so many things going on in my life it had to wait.  During my sabbatical I attended a language school in Honolulu, I had time and I was ready.  So, I found Paul's webpage and the Meetup group he offers.

The Meetup group meetings were very informative to me and provided a basic knowledge about different topics of Tantra in combination with meeting others who are interested in the same theme.  I miss the meetings!

In several private sessions he introduced me slowly to different aspects of Tantra.  It was extremely surprising to me how effective this type of therapy method is.  Although it may be sometimes challenging, because so many emotions and feelings might be triggered.  Also because of his coaching I developed my feminity and was able to feel how it feels.

Paul creates such an accepting, loving, kind ambience in the Meetup group as well as in private sessions.  My experience is that he is a very reliable practitioner and will always help and support if needed.

Back in Switzerland I realized how much I have learned from him.  It was a special, intense, unique time in my life and I am very grateful for the experiences I made.  I already feel some impact in my present life.  And I am joyfully looking forward how it will continue.

C.S.  Zurich, Switzerland

Contact me to join a class or book a private session to gain wisdom, specific strategies, inspiration and support.




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