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My Personal Mission Statement:


“I create a world of love by loving myself and all else.”


Aloha, I'm Paul "Lito" McCurdy

Advanced Certified Tantra Educator

Working with Paul:



Types of Education:



Primary Location: 

  • Honolulu, Hawaii


Visiting Cities: 


  • Hawaiian Islands

  • San Francisco Bay Area

Contact me to book a session or join a class.

About Paul:

I have been practicing tantra since 2004 and formalized his practice of tantra by becoming an Elite Certified Tantra Practitioner though the Source School of Tantra Yoga.
I have studied with Dr. Peter Levine's Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute, Dr. Betty Martin's School of Consent, Lynda Caesara's Energetic Mastery Class and Margo Anand's Ecstatic Living Institute, among others.  I currently assist Lynda Caesara teaching a 10-day Energetic Awareness Class.  I have taught internationally in Spain providing guidance to men on masculine empowerment and in Costa Rica teaching tantra.  I am a life long learner and continue to deepen my knowledge on a wide range of subjects.    
Fulfilling relationships require vulnerability, honesty, compassion, acceptance and gratitude, without judgment.  These are relationship skills that are learned and require practice. 

Contact me to join a class or book a private session to gain wisdom, specific strategies, inspiration and support.


How to safely and effectively co-create an intimate relationship is not taught in our public educational system.  
Going beyond the interpersonal communication skills requires even more training and education. Tantra is a method of developing a complete skill set to achieve a high level of communication and intimacy, and maximum pleasure with yourself or a beloved.



For relationship and intimacy coaching, in person, via Skype or face

time. My fee structure is $150-$250 per hour.


Each session is a minimum of 60 minutes.  Additional time is billed in

15 minute increments to the nearest quarter hour.



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